API Gateway - Issue with Request Processing policies

Hi All,

I am trying to enforce Request Processing --> Validate API Specification policy for one of my API. However, i am facing 400 bad request as response. Details as follows
API version 10.3
API resource and methods
–> Method = PUT
–> Content type = application/json
–> REST Call
Policies section
–>Request Processing -->Validate API Specification --> select Content Types check box

Objective for this approach is to restrict any other content other than application/json for particular API and resource respectively.
Can someone help me here if i miss anything in this current approach.


Hi Lakshmi,

Please take a look of this blog article and this might give you some lead by invoking transformation policy and implement with conditions based routing:

The transformation policy (Request or Response) contains 3 sections:

  • Condition
  • Transformation Configuration
  • Transformation Metadata