API Gateway, Global Policy Required HTTP/HTTPS.

My Plan is to have a global policy of HTTP/HTTPS. In this way, I can set my services to HTTP or HTTPS by just modifying this global Policy.


However, There is a default HTTP/HTTPS policy in the API Level. When I tried to removed it (the grayed out one) an Error pops up saying that a Protocol must be added even though I already have a global policy for this.


Is there a better way to do this?

it seems that i could not upload a file.
the image in Policy.png is showing the transport policy with Required HTTP/HTTPS. There are two Require HTTP/HTTPS here. The Grayed out 1 (API Level) and the Global one.

the image in Error.png shows the error when I tried removing the API Level HTTP/HTTPS. The Error says
“Atleast one entry protocol policy should be available.Please add it and try again.” Even though there is a global policy http/https this error blocks me from saving the policy.


Looks like this policy is mandatory even though we set the global policy. But at runtime, global policy takes precedence over the API level policy.

Natarajan R

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Global policy will be applicable for all API’s that are in Gateway. It won’t make much sense to do routing from Global policy as all API’s in Gateway cannot be routed to same end point URL.

There must be atleast one local policy attached to API in Gateway