API-Gateway,Does suport protocal HTTP/2 gRPC?

Dear Experts,

I 'd like to know for API-Gateway,Does suport protocal HTTP/2 gRPC ? and API-Gateway can to Transform REST API to gRPC API or not?

We have a customer who wants to adopt gPRC.

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Surin P.

hi @Surin ,
As of now we dont provide the option to send the request using gRPC, but it’s on roadmap.

Vikash Sharma

You/your customer may find https://www.redhat.com/architect/when-to-avoid-grpc to be of interest. A couple of lines that caught my eye:

A tendency I’ve noticed in my decades of observing, writing, and programming in the IT industry is our penchant for becoming enamored with the latest new thing.

The hazard is that we can end up in situations where we embrace a technology out of romantic appeal rather than thoughtful analysis. Such can be the case with gRPC.

gRPC and protobuf, for better or worse, always makes me think of CORBA. Not exactly the same of course and clearly there scenarios where gRPC has been used successfully.

But much like this discussion at StackOverflow I often wonder if we think we’re chasing “new and improved” but in reality are sliding backwards. There are reasons CORBA is not widely used, based on lessons learned long ago. gRPC differs in scope certainly (CORBA is huge) but conceptually at the core level is very similar.

The adoption of so-called “REST APIs” (even Fielding has said there is no such thing, but we’ve collectively ignored his objections :slight_smile: ) was driven in part by Fielding’s insistence on NOT creating/using RPC. Google certainly had a case for RPCs but the question at hand may be is it more generally applicable than what Google and others have used it for? In the context of wM API Gateway, should gRPC be on the roadmap as Vikash notes? E.g. in the context of gRPC and its compelling uses, would any API GW be appropriate here? Would protocol/payload translation be of value in this case, or would it be “in the way”?

Anyone else have thoughts to share on this topic?

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