Apama Jun 2024 update (v10.15.5)

Apama provides real-time streaming analytics and intelligent automated actions on fast-moving data. Apama is a standalone product that is also available as part of Cumulocity IoT, where it powers Cumulocity IoT-only capabilities, such as the drag-and-drop Analytics Builder.

The latest version of Apama has arrived, version 10.15.5, with a focus on streamlined installation packages and making EPL development easier. Apama’s commitment is to support the latest technology, incorporate the latest security updates and allow you to take advantage of the latest features.

Version 10.15.5

Installation changes

Apama no longer uses the Software AG Installer. Instead, Apama is provided using zip (Windows) and tar.gz (Linux) files. This change simplifies distribution and installation for many customers. The structure of the extracted contents of the installation packages is equivalent to that created by the Software AG Installer.

Standard Eclipse for IDE

The Apama IDE now uses a regular version of Eclipse provided with an Apama specific plug-in. Previously Apama used Software AG Designer which was a Software AG-branded version of Eclipse. This change simplifies how Apama integrates with Eclipse.

UBI9 images

In order to keep up to date with currently active platforms that incorporate the latest security fixes, the Apama images on Docker Hub are now available in Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) 9. The previous UBI8 images have been marked as deprecated and will be removed in the future.

New Cumulocity IoT connectivity bundles

A new Cumulocity Notifications 2.0 connectivity bundle has been added for receiving notifications from Cumulocity IoT using the Notifications 2.0 mechanism. The existing Cumulocity Client connectivity bundle that uses the legacy long-polling mechanism is deprecated in favor of this new bundle. Migration notes are provided in the release notes to help developers migrate to the new Cumulocity Notifications 2.0 connectivity bundle.

A new Cumulocity REST Support connectivity bundle has been added to support projects that do not receive any notifications.

Connectivity plug-in enhancements

  • Additional metrics have been added to the Cumulocity IoT transport to help provide more information when monitoring the transport. E.g. receivedAlarmEventsParsedCount can be used to monitor the number of parsed alarm events received by the transport.
  • The HTTP client transport now supports digest authentication in addition to basic authentication. This improves the transport’s security for HTTP authentication.

EPL enhancements

  • Utility functions have been added to the TimeFormat event library to help with comparing and manipulating datetimes. E.g., getRawOffset: Gives the base offset in seconds of the time zone (without daylight savings applied).
  • Helper actions have been added to the ManagedObject event to populate a ManagedObject with a c8y_Position object, and conversely create a c8y_Position object from a ManagedObject event. E.g., getC8yPosition(): Produces a c8y_Position style object from the ManagedObject:
evt.params["c8y_Position"] := mo.getC8yPosition();
  • To help improve application robustness, the Alarm, Event, ManagedObject and Operation events now no longer throw exceptions from the isCreate() and isUpdate() actions. If the event being checked was generated in EPL code, these two actions now simply return false.

Deprecated and removed capabilities

In order to keep Apama focused on the features used by the majority of developers, a number of capabilities that have relatively low uptake have been deprecated or removed. E.g. Deployment of Apama using Software AG’s Command Central is no longer possible and the capability has been removed.

Find out more

The Community Edition of Apama 10.15.5 is available for you to download now.

More information about the new capabilities mentioned here and other improvements and changes are described in the v10.15.5 release notes in the product documentation.

Please give these latest improvements to Apama a try and let us know how you get on!

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