Apama Dec 2022 update (v10.15.1)

Apama provides real-time streaming analytics and intelligent automated actions on fast-moving data. Apama is a standalone product that is also available as part of Cumulocity IoT, where it also includes Cumulocity IoT-only capabilities, such as the drag-and-drop Analytics Builder.

The latest version of Apama has arrived, version 10.15.1, with a focus on easier installation onto the Debian platform. This follows Apama’s commitment to support the latest technology, incorporate the latest security updates and allows you to take advantage of the latest features.

Version 10.15.1

Apama repository for Debian-based Linux distributions

An Apama repository is now available that makes it easier for you to install Apama on Debian-based x86_64 and ARMv7 Linux distributions. The new Apama repository is available at https://downloads.apamacommunity.com/debian.

The Apama documentation includes an overview on installing Apama using the Debian APT tool.

Using Debian Advanced Package Tool (APT) for Apama on thin-edge.io

If you are using Apama on thin-edge.io devices then you can now do all the Apama administration using the Device Management app in your Cumulocity IoT tenant without the need to use the command line on your device. A knowledge base article on Tech Community guides you through this process.

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The Community Edition of Apama 10.15.1 is available for you to download now. More information about the new capabilities mentioned here are described in the v10.15.1 release notes in the product documentation.

Please give this latest version of Apama a try and let us know how you get on!

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