Apama Advent Calendar - 02 Dec 2021 - Apama anywhere from multi-cloud to ThinEdge


Did you know that Apama Streaming Analytics is available for deployment in so many different scenarios?

:white_check_mark: Cloud-first microservices, pre-built and deployed as part of Cumulocity IoT, deployed on AWS, Azure and elsewhere.

:white_check_mark: Docker base-images with Apama are available from DockerHub for you build your own containerized solutions in Docker or Kubernetes, or for custom microservices in Cumulocity IoT.

:white_check_mark: Standard Software AG installers for typical large-scale on-prem deployments and for local development tooling (available from Empower).

:white_check_mark: Apama Core Community Edition provides the essential building blocks to use in multiple scenarios.

:white_check_mark: Cumulocity IoT Edge is the “thick edge” offering from Software AG and always includes Apama Streaming Analytics.

:white_check_mark: The open-source thin-edge.io project has samples showing how Apama Streaming Analytics can very easily be deployed, used and managed on resource constrained on ARM-based IoT edge devices.

In the Cumulocity IoT environments we offer graphical tooling for domain experts in the form of Apama Analytics Builder, which ‘under-the-hood’ is enabled by the powerful Event Processing Language (EPL).

EPL, the leading language designed specifically for event processing, will execute on the Apama runtime in any of these many scenarios from your laptop, to edge devices, to cloud services.

What will you build with Apama today?

This is Day #2 of a short series of brief tips, tricks, hints and reminders of information relating to the Apama Streaming Analytics platform, both from Software AG as well as from the community.
This series of articles will be published Monday-Friday only, with the occasional weekend bonus.

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Hi Kevin,

Love that there is an open-source version to try out, even with example. Although it would be lovely if there is a little video that shows it step by step too. So someone could try to develop on Apama the Advent-Burning-Candle-Count report that I suggested in my last comment to your first Advent post. :slight_smile:

P.S. It is really easy to make your own Advent Wreath. All you need is some coniferous plant branches, some wire, 4 candles, and some decoration. Let me know if you have any questions to it :slight_smile: Please share yours. Can’t wait to see them.

Hi again Mark,

We do have some getting started videos:

Apama Community Edition Instructional Videos

As for the questions about counting candles, see my response to your comment on the Day 1 topic.

Have a great day.