Apama 10.3.1 Release

Software AG’s Apama Streaming Analytics is the market-leading platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data. The latest release adds:

  • Analytics Builder (available in Cumulocity IoT Edge) provides self-service analytics to the domain experts, allowing web-based drag & drop building of streaming analytics applications
  • Dynamic HTTP server responses from EPL allows applications to dynamically determine what makes up the response when Apama is used as an HTTP server
  • HTTP client and server miscellaneous improvements support redirection, cookie jars, base64 encoding/decoding and gzip
  • Additional EPL helper functions make it easier to write EPL applications for Cumulocity IoT
  • Command line tooling for managing SAG Designer projects makes it easier to use scripting and automation with such projects
  • Prometheus monitoring of correlators includes non-numeric metadata in the metrics
  • ARM support for license-only features allows connecting to Zementis predictive analytics
  • Capital Markets adapters upgraded and enhanced with support for new vendor platforms, the latest vendor specifications and with new capabilities

Note: This release is a fully supported service pack release (i.e. for Apama this is not an innovation release).

Apama release notes are available at:

Apama Analytics Builder release notes are available at: