Any trick to salvage broken JDBC adapter services?


We’ve just found out that a number of JDBC adapter calls (ported from WM7 - WM8 - WM9.10) are “broken” when viewed from DESIGNER 9.10. They do however work in in the runtime environment. It seems quite random which ones are broken.

The field(s) in “Input JDBC Type” are not shown in the “Input/Output” tab. Any attempt to DELETE the input fields from “Input JDBC Type” results in error popup: “Adapter Error: Invalid Array Index Range. The array index exceeds the upper bound”. Saving the adapter service works, but does not help.

I fear we have to delete and rewrite these adapter services, but I just wanted to check if there is any trick that could salvage this.
(I think it will be easier to just recreate them rather than fiddling with the node.ndf files)

When comparing the same adapter services on WM8 (DEVELOPER), We see the input fields, and the node.ndf files are equal.

OS.Name Windows Server 2012
Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates IS_9.10_Core_Fix3
Build Number 106

Yes, we’re currently a bit behind on the patches…

Thanks for any replies…

Hi Arnt,

please provde the versions of JDBC Adapter for each wM version mentioned in your migration path.

There are currently 3 Versions of JDBC Adapter available:

When you are using a 9.x version of JDBC adapter on wM 9.10 whilst using the 6.5 version on wM 7 and wM 8, you will have to migrate your Adapter services.
There is an service in the JDBC Adapter package to do so. Run this service against each package containing JDBC Adapter services.
See JDBC Adapter readme for further informations.


Hi Holger.

Thank you very much! I was not aware of this particular migration feature.
I’ve just ported a test package from WM 8.2.2 Jdbc 6.5 to WM 9.10, verified that input parameters were missing,
ran the migration utility and watched the parameters reappear.

I was not able to fix the adapters that had previously copied to WM9. They have been saved on WM9, which may be the reason.
It doesn’t really matter, as I can now bundle the original adapters into a package, migrate it and copy them internally on WM9.

Decode it …then you can pretty much get everything!