any prob in TN

Hi all,
Recently I got an issue that user sent bunch of transactions and in that all r passed except one.
Scenario is that the transactions has to go TN and thn stores in DB after that It has to reache Back end .
But here for missed ,The transaction went to TN and got reply from TN but actually that has to go DB and back end.
I simulated that issue in another environment ,but unable to get same kind of issue.

Data is correct but somewhere loopwhole is there !!
Do let me know that is there any issue related to TN or something…I have not had logs on this applicationwise

webMethods IS 6.5 and TN 6.5

Thanks in advance !

Regards ,

Could you be bit more elaborative on the issue you faced?


When you say … didn’t got reply from TN? what exactly you meant by that… what’s the status of this document on TN? is this document is associated with some processing rule/process model ??
Write in some more information so that we can think of what might have caused the issue in your scenario.