Any Idea on how to backup pointintime a complexe wM landscape

Bonjour a tous et a toutes!

I have been asked by my client to write a procedure to backup and restore thier wM landscape.

We are running;
· wM IS 6.1 on one AIX box
· wM Broker on second AIX box
· the Oracle Db is on third box
· wM manager on a fourth AIX box

It is part of a complex B2C & B2B IBM based landscape (WebShpere ? Portal, etc)

99.9 % uptime time (little ? very little downtime) - It is almost a 24x7x52 environment.

The documentation is not that crystal clear to what component need to be backup and if it can be done in a hot backup fashion.

Even if all the logging and tracing and auditing is going to the Oracle
database, these files seem to still be update ?

· /audit/data

  1. AuditStore.data0000000
  2. AuditStore.log0000000

· ./DocumentStore

  1. ISResubmitStoredata0000000
  2. ISResubmitStorelog0000000
  3. ISTransStoredata0000000
  4. ISTransStorelog0000000
  5. TriggerStoredata0000000
  6. TriggerStorelog0000000

· ./WmRepository2

  1. DirValuesHash.dat
  2. VHnnnnnnnnnnnnn

· ./WmRepository4

  1. FSDdata0000000
  2. FSDlog0000000

So my questions are:
· Should I backup the Oracle DB AND the wM Repo1 ? 2 ? 3 & 4 ?
· Any one has « best practice » on backuping a distributed wM landscape point in time in a hot backup fashion (without stop wM) ?
· How to restore the environment point in time ?

Thank - Merci :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the answers here as well. The files you mentioned are conditional on when you need to backup. The IS server writes out to disk or memory in some cases depending on the configuration, its communication with the broker. Messages(documents) are persisted by the IS dispatcher before the are committed to the broker, same thing on the receiving side. So in an active system that is not quite, this files would have to be included in your point in time backup. As far as audit data goes, this is a background asynch process that the IS server runs. It generally has a lower priority so the stuff that is being audited does always go to the database as soon as the service executes. This is a configurable parameter via the LogUtil service. So if you backup an active system, then you are probably going to get a lot of in transient transactions that could be in different places with in the integration layer.

The broker data would need to be backed up as well. I’ve seen that webMethods normally recommends a inactive system to get a reliable backup. So hot backups are possible but more a function of your filesystem and your backup software as to whether it is reliable or not. Oracle is pretty easy to get a point in time.

We are struggling with this issue too more from a DR side. We have multiple IS servers and brokers along 30 or so integration points. I would be interesting in hearing how other folks are addressing this DR strategy.

Well, the best thing to do is to keep everything on a mirrored disk, if it can be afforded by the client. I am working on a HA/DR project and thats the recommendations. Please contact me through an email and I will be happy to provide you some documents.

I would like to revive this thread and ask the wmusers community if anyone has had any successful experience with doing hot-backup for a 99.9999% up-time environment? What is the best practice in this case?
I am going thru the same pain! and I wonder if anyone has any interesting results to share with the rest of us. Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution.