ANY Difference between wM7.1.3 and wM9.0 Table for Trading Network

HI Team,

Is there any difference between the Tables and the structures that we use for Trading Network wM7.1.3 and wM9.0 .

Any new tables have been added in webMethods9.0 for Trading Network .

Currently we are migrating the data base from wM7.1.3 to wM9.0 , Oracle 11G is our Data base.

Want to know is there any difference between the inbuilt tables and structure for TradingNetwork from wM7.1.3 and wM9.0.


Yes, there are differences. You got to run TN migration scripts using DB Configurator or If you want to know more about what differences in tables, refer .sql files in \SoftwareAG\common\db\scripts\oracle\tradingnetworks\migrate\ path…


Thank you for the information Senthil !!!