Alternative to Reverse Gateway Setup for B2B Integrations

Is there any alternative way we can setup the B2B Integration’s other than RG setup ?

Any alternative product we can use for secured load balancing and HA ?


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Courtesy notes from Rob@wMusers:

Terminology exploration:

“Cluster” - a way to view multiple servers as though they are one

“Load balance cluster” - Multiple servers behind a common name. Which node traffic is routed to is unknown to the caller (and the caller doesn’t care)

“IS cluster” - a specific software feature of IS, which provides coordination of execution of some components (e.g. JDBC notifcations, scheduled tasks, etc.) such that only one node runs them at a given time. People usually over-estimate what IS clustering provides.

“Broker client cluster” - Multiple Broker clients (such as IS) connecting to a single Broker, achieving load balancing/HA for processing messages from queues.

“TN cluster” - Multiple TN servers (on IS servers) sharing a TN DB and communicating to each other to share set up info.

Multiple RG servers can be behind an LB device.

IS instances can connect to each of the RGs.

Thus, LB and RG can exist together.

LB cluster and IS cluster are independent. One does not need to have an IS cluster to have an LB cluster. If one has an IS cluster, it typically also has an LB cluster but technically it is not required.

Broker client cluster can exist without any of the other cluster types.