Alternative to Postman

A while ago I read a message from @reamon that brought back to the surface a question I have had for a while.

For REST testing, can you recommend an alternative to Postman?


SoapUI would be a viable alternative


I use Insomnia. And sometimes SoapUI.

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Colleagues have used tools like Insomnia, JMeter, TestSigma and httpie.
I stick to Postman though

Do you have any concerns about all of the API-related data being stored on Postman-owned servers, including credentials and such? [EDIT} Data is stored at AWS per info in Postman docs.

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I now understand the background of you question :slight_smile:

Yes, it concerns me, but I use a local workspace instead - for now.

I guess even for using local workspace in postman, you need to sign in to postman :frowning:

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I’ve never signed in though. I do remember I was presented with the option after some update.
I believe I have the Lite version: Build and send requests offline using the lightweight Postman API Client | Postman Learning Center
If I don’t forget, I’ll try to check this tomorrow.

I do understand that if you have the need to collaborate, this is not ideal. I don’t frequently collaborate on projects as I’m pretty much the only one creating and maintaining them. When needed, I export a project and upload to OneDrive so others can import and use it.

The primary intent of my query was to highlight the need to understand what is stored where. Postman really wants us to create accounts and so the lightweight client is hobbled in many ways. With scratchpad I was able to do everything I needed but not so with lightweight. So I bid them adieu. :slight_smile: Definitely a YMMV item.


I am quite familiar with Postman. In my actual team, all the developers are familiar to Postman, so it becomes the de facto API testing tool. But in my previous job I’ve used SoapUI (if I don’t want to use Postman) mostly to test API I’ve developed with spring-boot framework.

Actually in my team, we all use the app version of Postman and not the web based version. With the app version, no need to register before downloaded it.

I’ve never heard about Scratchpad before. But on their website, with the onglets Pricing, Log in, Try it free, how do you know what is stored and where ? I think their model is similar to Postman !
If not, can you explain what criteria have you use to choose Scratchpad among others API testing tools.

The downloaded app does not require registration to download. But to use anything beyond the features provided by what they call the “lightweight API client” requires an account and to be signed in.

Postman had a mode referred to as “scratch pad” – which they’ve removed. That is what I was referring to.

The Scratchpad you’re referring to may be something different?

Didn’t Kong do the exact same thing to Insomnia?

All of these companies are looking to monetize their user base.

I’ve been using Insomnia for a while without an account. The projects/workspaces I’ve created are all “Local”.

I’m still using Postman Scratch Pad.
At the top it displays: “Working locally in Scratch Pad. Switch to a workspace.”
If you switch to Workspace, you have to login.

I haven’t updated the tool in a while, but I’d expect in future releases a local Scratch Pad will be entirely removed.

It has already happened. Build and send requests offline using the Scratch Pad | Postman Learning Center

They had months of warnings in the app about it. And it is now removed. Once you apply an update, it will be gone.

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APIDog seems to be an really interesting postman alternative. You can easily setup data schema auto verification, API data mocking, and streamlined documentation. You can easily import postman collections into it as well.

Oh, it begins with a free-tier, which is also a good thing to try out.

till Version 9.31.30 postman supports offline storage and testing without logging-in.