Alternative to Basic Notification sought

Hi All,

We have a requirement which requires wM to fetch data from a DB in real time without using the JDBC notifications. If there’s a approach to do so , pls suggest.


You it really tough situation

I am not sure this will work or not check with your database team,if they expose data as web service or not?

Look like above is very bad solution…:slight_smile:


Hi Shreyus,
Why do you think you don’t want to use notification approach in the first place?

Notifications creates another buffer table in the same schema, and create a database trigger. This trigger would be an ‘insert’ or ‘delete’ or ‘update’ trigger based on what we want… this would move the data from application table to buffer table… hence the source system don’t have to think our application interacts with their table directly…

You also can have scheduler created, which will invoke a flow service that executes a select statement every few seconds, but still it is similar to ‘poller’ in notification that polls for every ‘n’ seconds…