Allowing Applications to use specific resources of an API

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I am using webMethods API Gateway version and Software AG Command Central 10.11 our production environment.

I am wondering if is possible to allow registered applications to use a specific resources of defined REST API.

For example I have added PetStore API, which have three different resources (or operations) :
Resource A, Resource B, and Resource C. And I have three registered Applications: Application A, Application B, and Application C. How can I do the following:
Enable Application A from using all resources and methods.
Enable Application B from using Resource A and Resource B only.
Enable Application C from using Resource C only.

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API Scope allows this separation from a Policy definition/enforcement point, but not from an API Consumption point.

@John_Carter4, this can be a nice feature but I can see the complexity in implementing this.
Is a feature request in order?



you would need to raise this as a feature request in our new ideas platform here ?

Ideas portal



@azizbk, you can submit a feature request using the link that John has shared above.
If you’re unable to, or if I don’t hear from you in a couple of days, I will submit the same on your behalf.


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@Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 +1 for Feature request . Also the same would apply for SOAP operations. Selective access for certain operations for certain applications.

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