Allow only future dates in date field


I got several date fields which I want to give the feature that only dates are allowed with a minimum of 14 days in the future. So when today is 15th August, only dates that come after 29th August are allowed. Currently, it is working partly via a layout rule:

DATECOMP(TODAY(), {fieldname}) > 14 && NOT(ISNULL({fieldname}))

If it violates this assumption, then a message is displayed that the filled in that does not lie at least 14 days in the future. Furthermore, a NULLDATE() value is assigned whenever this happens, which forces the user to fill in a correct date.

Now, the strange part is that this rule only applies whenever the user clicks on another field to enter information. IF the user clicks directly on submit, the rule is not enforced and the user is still able to submit a form with a date that violates my layout rule.

How can I make sure that only dates that accept this assumption can be added and that whenever a faulty date is filled in, it ALWAYS gives me a message or some kind of error?

See enclosed image for more information.


Use the same expression in validation rule, if the expression is false then it will throw the error and prevent user to save the record.