All real-time notification endpoints of Cumulocity

What are all available real-time notification endpoints of Cumulocity IoT? What are relevant documentation sources beyond the current API documentation?

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Cumulocity IoT – main interest is on the features of the current version 10.18, but I also have a bit of interest in the history. :wink:

Detailed explanation of the problem:

The current API documentation knows two endpionts for real-time notifications:

  • /notification/realtime: General endpoint for all kinds of notifications (alarms, events, managed objects, measurements, operations).
  • /notification/operations: Special endpoint for operation notifications (providing channels for agents instead of devices).

While reading other documents (older version of the Cumulocity IoT documentation, source code of the client SDK etc.), I came accross various other endpoints, probably mostly deprecated:

  • /cep/realtime: Is this just a deprecated alternative to /notification/realtime?
  • /cep/modules: If I understand it correctly, this was used with Esper CEL before Apama was integrated into Cumulocity IoT and is not supported any more. Right?
  • /cep/notifications and /cep/customnotifications: I’m not sure what this is/was. Has it been removed? Is there a replacement?
  • /devicecontrol/notifications: Is this just a deprecated alternative to /notification/operations?

Are there any other endpoints I’ve missed, especially something that is not outdated/deprecated?

If someone has knowledge about the listed or other endpoints, I’d be happy to see some comments regarding these endpoints.

I’m aware that there is also the Notifications 2.0 API, which uses a different high-level communication procedure compared to real-time notifications (while also supporting WebSockets and MQTT as low-level protocols, but not long-polling). However, this is not in the focus of this question.

What’s the purpose of finding “old” and “deprecated” endpoints which shouldn’t been used anymore?

The two you are mentioned are the two which are currently officially supported.
Why is Notification 2.0 not in focus of your question?

All CEP endpoints are deprecated and has been partially replaced by /notification/realtime.
For /cep/modules and /cep/notifications there is no replacement because they were deprecated with Esper CEP.

For devicecontrol/notifications it is stated that this has been deprecated and replaced by /notification/operations

Info: The old endpoint /devicecontrol/notifications is deprecated. Switch your applications to /notification/operations if not already done.

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Thank you, @Stefan_Witschel!
I was asking about the old endpoints in order to learn whether these are really outdated or whether they still have valid use cases not covered by the new endpoints. Furthermore, my intention was to learn whether there are endpoints I missed so far (the set of endpoints is like islands in an ocean; without a detailed, complete map, you never know whether there’s still something to discover).
I’ve excluded Notifications 2.0 because it’s a different high-level protocol.
Best regards,

I understand! For the API it is pretty simple, so no need to deeply investigate “old stuff”:
If they are not documented anymore in the current documentation they shouldn’t been used as they are not supported anymore.

If you dig out old endpoints it could lead to bad architecture or decisions in your implementation.

Notifcation 2.0 is actually the upcoming successor of the current realtime API. Very soon the “old” realtime API will be deprecated and notification 2.0 will succeed it. So I wouldn’t exclude it to get a full picture. Also currently in almost all cases I would use the notification 2.0 API instead the realtime API. It uses a different but much more reliable protocol but for the same purpose the realtime API was designed for.