All JDBC Pool Alias definition residing under one DB Schema

Hi there experts,

I am trying to fugure out what would be the pros and cons of having all Pool Alias Definitions setup under one DB Schema. What I mean to say is what are the pros and cons of having all the DB components like IS,MWS,TN,Audit,XREF,Dochist etc setup under one schema as opposed to each having its own schema.

Any inputs would appreciated.

In our development environment we have all components installed under the one schema and so far we have not had any issues with this approach (with one exception).

The exception being the archiving component that will disable triggers required for monitor to see your process instances if archiving is run and lives on the same schema as the other components.

Having said that I am anticipating that in the live environment components will be installed on seperate schemas for neatness and manageability reasons…