Alfabet IUG Conference 2023 sessions available on demand

We are excited to inform you that the Alfabet IUG session recordings are now accessible on demand. To enjoy them, just log in or sign up on our on-demand platform. Registration is quick, easy, and free. You will have the opportunity to take a first look at Alfabet 11 UX/UI and the Alfabet Roadmap. The sessions also feature different Portfolio Management and Governance use cases and customer success stories to dive into.

First look at Alfabet 11 UX/UI

Karan Khurana, Principal Product Manager Alfabet, Software AG
Ratul Banerjee, Product Manager Alfabet, Software AG
Hasmik Elchyan, Senior Product Manager Alfabet, Software AG

Alfabet 11 promises a satisfying user experience incorporating a new user interface, intuitive user profiles, streamlined navigation, and a powerful, articulate information search. See for yourself in this demonstration including the Smart Data Workbench and Data Quality Rules.

Duration: 50 min - DEMO INCLUDED
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Update Alfabet 11: Roadmap

Bostjan Praprotnik, Senior Director Alfabet, Software AG
Dominik Kuropka, Director Alfabet Product Management, Software AG
Ali Rizvi, Senior Product Manager Alfabet, Software AG

Since 2022 Alfabet Product Management and R&D have been designing, developing and delivering the next generation of Alfabet for enterprise architecture and strategic portfolio management. Join this session for an update on the Alfabet 11 roadmap. See how the milestones already achieved and those that still lie ahead greatly enhance the user experience and raise the quality of insights into the IT landscape to a level commensurate with the needs of today’s business and IT planning professionals.

Duration: 40 min
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Update Alfabet Accelerator: new use cases and enhancements

Andre Prigge, Director Strategic Solutions Alfabet, Software AG

The Alfabet Accelerator is Software AG’s quick-start offering for customers starting on their EAM/SPM journey and the best practice template for introducing new use cases into an existing Alfabet implementation. Learn in this session about enhancements to Alfabet Program Portfolio Management as well as those for IT Planning.

Duration: 20 min - DEMO INCLUDED
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Leveraging TPG to manage technical debt and improve risk resilience

Sascha Klinke, Senior Director Alfabet Advisory, Software AG
Paula Ziehr, Director Product Marketing, Software AG

Technology Portfolio Governance (TPG) aims at establishing a continuous process to monitor and evaluate technological trends and assess them regarding their influence, applicability and impact to the enterprise. It further sets and develops technological standards that serve as a framework for building and maintaining a technologically sustainable IT landscape. TPG is an essential part of an IT organization’s strategic planning process. This planning process needs to take into consideration which technologies have reached obsolescence and can be retired as well as identifying where technical debt has accumulated. A strategic planning process should also incorporate risk and threat considerations. In this master class, learn how to build a TPG discipline that addresses these requirements.

Duration: 55 min
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Aligning your business change investment portfolio with your corporate strategy

Ian Batty, Lead Enterprise Architect, St. James’s Place
Manuel di Toma, Executive Director, Bruhati

Prioritizing investment and explaining business decisions can be emotional, subjective, and time-consuming. SJP developed a framework using the EA Accelerator from Bruhati to establish goals, metrics, and outcomes. Learn about SJP’s challenges, their approach, and the lessons they learned in implementing the framework. Discover the benefits of collaborating with the Bruhati team and implementing the Smart EA accelerators for maximizing your ROI in your EA program and tools.

Duration: 30 min
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Using Alfabet for Service Portfolio Management

Loic Le Guen, Senior Expert Architecture & Portfolio, BWI GmbH

An IT service model helps to classify and standardize service offer, in turn helping IT understand what functionality needs to be delivered and what infrastructure is needed to deliver it. Find out how an IT service provider for the German Ministry of Defense and other federal agencies uses Alfabet to model the service catalog and portfolio, describe the service architecture, operationalize service development in the service pipeline and align portfolio planning with strategic aspects.

Duration: 20 min
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End-to-end transparency from demand management to project delivery

Renaud Meurisse, Lead Application Enterprise Architect, ORES
Guillaume Bury, Head of Enterprise Architecture (Business & IT), ORES

The EA and IT planning team at ORES is aligning business and IT in an end-to-end process beginning with demand management, spanning architecture and portfolio assessment and ending with project delivery. This process enables business leaders to take decisions on business and IT transformation during executive board meetings using a made-for-purpose dashboard that includes insights into strategic alignment, effort, viability and impact as validated by ORES’ IT Transformation & Delivery team.

Duration: 30 min
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Moving users from data completeness to data quality

Rainer Scheibehenne, Manager IT Architecture, Vodafone

Audits, assessments, security controls, and reporting requests are common for IT organizations, but they can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Vodafone prioritizes high-quality application documentation driven by compliance stakeholders. The EA team created a collaborative community for IT landscape documentation with clear data governance principles, user-friendly data maintenance, and expert advisory for continuous data quality improvement.

Duration: 30 min
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NHS: Thinking differently about EA to turn disruptive change into disruptive opportunity

Milos Kresojevic, Senior Innovation Architect, NHS

The covid-19 pandemic compelled NHS SLaM to quickly find ways to continue its mission of improving the lives of people who rely on this top institution’s mental health services. The architecture and innovation team knew the answer lay in better use of technology. Recognizing that agility in new solution delivery was key, NHS SLaM leveraged a central enterprise architecture (EA) tool for automating digital solution design and digital landscape planning and management. Digital service productivity improved immediately, freeing up funds and time for innovation. NHS SLaM is using its new-found funding to open new avenues for better patient outcomes while focusing on their strategic vision and transforming themselves in a post-pandemic world.

Duration: 20 min
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Bridging the IT strategy and IT execution gap at Henkel

Peter Kerekes, Senior IT Architect/Platform Architect, Henkel CEE GmbH

Integrating the IT operations processes managed within a CMDB with the IT governance processes managed within an IT planning tool can effectively close the loop between IT strategy and execution. With Alfabet as the system of record for IT change planning (“change the company”) and ServiceNow the system of record for the current IT configuration (“run the company”), Henkel is able to ensure that IT service and delivery are aligned to strategy and planning, create transparency across IT silos, make collaboration and IT processes more efficient and render the data with which IT is managed more reliable.

Duration: 30 min
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