Alfabet 10.3 Release

Most organizations across the globe are seeking new ways to accelerate their path to digitalization. It demands fundamental changes to the business and operating models and the IT supporting them. It requires IT to be agile, nimble and fast to deliver new digital solutions quickly. It also elevates the role of IT to that of advisor, co-strategist and guarantor of successful execution.
As essential disciplines for business and IT transformation, Enterprise Architecture (EA) and portfolio management are also evolving. In today’s multinational organizations, these disciplines must embrace the many distributed stakeholders involved in transformation processes. They need to facilitate bipartisan involvement of both business and IT in the transformation plans. And as guarantors of successful transformation execution, enterprise architects and IT portfolio managers need to close the gap between strategic planning and operational systems to have “360-degree view” assessments available for informed decision-making.

  • Automated instance translation
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® publication engine
  • Automated assistants
  • Integration with webMethods Trading Networks
  • Microsoft@ Project integration