Alfabet 10.2 Release

Alfabet release 10.2 helps our customers keep pace with the demands of digitalization: increased speed, broader collaboration and greater security . It completes the integration with Jira – a further step to closing the strategy-to-execution gap and to providing our customers all the tools needed for agile IT planning and delivery. Business users and top management involved in enterprise transformation are well-served with release 10.2 with new visualizations that help quickly identify what needs to change. These users also benefit from new API planning features that enable them to play an active role in determining how APIs are to be used for business innovation. Lastly, with all of the benefits digitalization brings, it also carries substantial risk to sensitive information. Significant effort was put into better data protection and secure system operation in this new release.

  • Full Jira Integration
  • Enhanced API Planning and Management
  • New Visualizations
  • Data Anonymization
  • Feature Management