Alfabet 10.11 Release Announcement

Change decisions in business and IT are affected by so many factors that to make them in confidence, the information they’re based on needs to take many perspectives into account. With the wealth of information stored in Alfabet, the information is certainly there. Release 10.11 makes it easier for you to get relevant answers to your precise questions. The new release lets you decide the best way to find, understand and digest the information being sought. More in tune with users’ natural search and interpretation behavior, release 10.11 makes information available, malleable and illustrative to provide you insights into the IT portfolio in every imaginable constellation—insights your enterprise needs to compete in the connected world.

  • Rich-text Content Creation
  • Dynamically Composed Portfolio Insights
  • Universal REST API Connector
  • Multi-perspective Object Assessment
  • Automated Portfolio Analytics with Self-service Context Discovery