Adobe Flash Player Error while going to details of a business proce instance

Hi All,

In webmethods 9.5 env, on MWS monitor, when we go to details of a particular model, the process diagram gets stuck and we get the error message : “A sript in this movie is causing the Adobe Flash Player to run slowly. If you continue to run this script your computer may become unreponsive. Do you want to abort it?”

If I choose the Abort it,the diagram doesnot come properly, although the the step details can be acessed after that.

I I chose cancel, the page is still at stuck state and give the same error popup after a few seconds.

This is happening with diferent PCs as well, and only for 1 proce model.

Has any one come across this ?


Try updating your Adobe Flash Player on your PC and try.

Also try with different browsers :slight_smile:

Yes try with different browser and most likely its a flash player issue.


Hi ,

Just a little update for the issue I encountered. Actually, the error was coming only for 2/20 Business models on webm 95 MWS. We tried updating the flash players but no help. The error was not particular to any PC or browser. It was happening even on different servers.

We did some analysis on it and discovered, that since there is a disfigurement of model steps after deployment through webm 9/9.5 Designer, the model steps and connecting arrows get displaced from their original pos after deploying and thats how they are visible on MWS.

For the problematic models, i saw some model steps shifted and were crossing the pool boundary . I just readjusted in such a way that even after displacement of steps (after deployment) they remained completely within the pool. And the ISSue was RESOLVED!.

Just wanted to know if you both have also come across this problem of model step displacement after deploying? The model image looks quite ugly after that and although it doesnt affect the model behaviour, but the problem that I encountered was indeed making the page unresponsive for about 10 secs.


@ Priya,

Thanks for updating the topic with resolution. :slight_smile:

Hi Priya,

I assume you are talking about the attached. Yes, I am facing the same.