Administered objects in LDAP directory for Broker C# API


In our project, we are planning to replace WebSphere MQ with Broker as a messaging system to exchange messages between .NET & JAVA applications. But has one major concern with respect to .NET

.NET will use webMethods C# API and Java will use Broker API for JMS exposed by SAG.

As per documentation, .NET has a limitation that, administered objects must save only in Oracle LDAP directory, by using them .NET can publish /subscribe messages to / from Broker, but JAVA has no such limitations( It can store objects in Broker/weblogic/jboss/ldap directory and retrieve them)

Both .NET & JAVA will use same Queues to subscribe / Publish messages, hence both .NET and java should use same administered objects to exchange messages.

Instead of Oracle LDAP server, I have installed Open DS, an open-source LDAP server and able to store Administered objects (both connection factory & Queues) successfully, but while trying to get connection from .NET application, I am encountering below error.

Broker server is running with all the latest patches.

Msg: Exception creating destination. [BDN.11.1046] Administered object definition is null. at webMethods.Msg.AdminObject.AdminObject…ctor(String xmlDefinition)
at webMethods.Msg.MsgFactory.RetrieveDestination(String bindingName, String ldapUrl, String userName, String password)
at Perpetual.Framework.Mq.WMBroker.WMBrokerHelper.GetDestination(ISession session, String destinationName, BrokerConfig brokerConfig)

I would like to know is there any solution/workaround that can be implemented in .NET other than connecting to LDAP server to exchange messages with Java application via Broker. Please help me with your valuable inputs.

Thanks !!!