Administer Integration Server from the command line

This post introduces a command-line utility for administering webMethods Integration Server. It’s not an official Software AG product and is not supported, but you may find it useful. The tool is written in node.js and can be viewed at

To get started

  1. Install node.js from
  2. Install the tool with npm i @softwareag/wmisa
  3. Explore
		wmisa -h                 view usage information
		wmisa info               view tool help
		wmisa help               view all the admin resources on the server
		wmisa help resource-type view all the operations for a resource
		wmisa help operation     view the inputs and outputs for a resource operation

There is a series of short Youtube videos explaining how to use the tool:

  • PART 1 - Installation and getting help
  • PART 2 - Viewing administrative resources
  • PART 3 - Modifying administrative resources
  • PART 4 - Command-line options and setting defaults

The tool is wmisa, for webMethods Integration Server administration. It talks to IS’s Administrative API. Pretty much any operation you can do with the API can be executed from the command-line tool, with just a few exceptions.

This tool was a bit of a side project for me; a chance to get some exposure to node.js and make something useful for the community. It’s a bit rough around the edges. Unfortunately we are not able to support it at this time. We intend to put it on GitHub and let others improve it. That said, I think it will be useful in a scripting/devops environment. Here are a few of the many things you can do with this utility.

wmisa read keystore
Get a list of the server’s keystore aliases.

wmisa start cachemanager WarehouseStore
Start the cache manager named WarehouseStore.

wmisa create user --file newuser.json
Create a new user account. The file newuser.json contains the payload:

	  "username": "tomasso",
	  "groups": [ "IT_Managers", "IT_Rome", "Everybody" ],
	  "enabled": true,
	  "password": "ChangeThis",
	  "allowDigestAuth": false

wmisa --host vmcambit01:5543 --secure update port https InternalAdmin --file portupdate.json
Update an HTTPS port with the alias InternalAdmin on vmcambit01:5543. Use TLS. The portupdate.json file contains the payload

	 "keepAliveTimeout": 20000,
	 "backlog": 300

wmisa --host --basicauth TonyAdmin:MyS3cr3T! quiesce server
Quiesce the server at using the account TonyAdmin.



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