ADK vs ADK Runtime

Is there a difference between ADK and ADKruntime.

When I installed the ADK runtime, I got the CADK sample and tutorial. Is this enough to build a custom adapter or a more robust building tool is available?


The ADK provides documentation explaining how to use the CADK and tutorial adapter to build Enterprise adapters.

The ADK Runtime does not include the ADK documentation. It provides the runtime environment on which you run adapters.

You do not have to have the ADK to build and run adapters, but if you want the documentation, you need the ADK. Neither the ADK nor the ADK Runtime provide code generating tools, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Hello, you didn’t need more tool, because you had to implement yourself the sources templates.
There is 3 main classes :
TemplateAdapter (adapter framework) ; TemplateAdapterResources (messages, errors …) ; TemplateOperations (to interact with the resource)
Puts them in the class path and then indicates in the file etc/adapters/template_adapter.cfg your main classe location (TemplateAdapter).
When everything is implemented you can run AdapterConfigurator to configure your adapter (if correctly loaded).