ADK custom adapter - how to get string field in document list on input ?


I’m creating custom adapter in ADK and I need to put on input of one service template (let’s call it TestService) document list. It should contain some string fields.
I can easily get document parameter with fields but when I try to get document list it doesn’t work.

I’m defining parameters in service template as below:

protected String IN_DocList;
protected String IN_DocListName = “IN_DocumentList”;
protected String IN_DocListType = “record[]”;
protected String IN_String;
protected String IN_StringName = “IN_DocumentList.IN_String”;
protected String IN_StringType = “string”;

Instead of creating document list, it creates document parameter with string field.

Anybody knows how to do it ?

Did you try this way:

protected String IN_DocListType = “document[]”; //array

Yes I did. Result is the same - in Developer I see Document type instead of DocumentList type. Additionally if I put empty parameter of DocumentList type - Developer shows it correctly and I can’t put name like “IN_DocumentList[].IN_Test” because then Developer doesn’t show IN_Test parameter.
I think there is a problem with some kind of interpreter of parameter types. Probably there is a certain way of defining these parameters.

May be it is part of IDATAUtil??

protected String[] IN_DocListType = “IDATA[]”;

Not really,
in fact it has to be “record[]” or “record” if you want to get Document or DocumentList type because Document type is represented in node.ndf as “record” in type tag.

The problem is with “[]” because you can’t put them in name of parameter that you want to have as DocumentList’s field. So there has to be other way to do so.