addition help?

hi i need a small help!!

i have string list which contains some values…its a dynamic string list , so some time we will get 5 values and some times we will get 15 values in tht list.

i need to add all the values exists inside that string list…how can i?

Get the lenght of the list before add operation, add repeat to number of count-1 you get. Use add by providing the repeatCount as index to pass value from list .


repeat (with counter 2 and repeat on sucess)
res = res + list[repeatCount]


can you attach screen shot or extracted package…or if any java service can do that.

thank you…

For others who may want a simple way. You can just use a standard loop and accumulator to get the total value.

MAP : 0 <- - -> accum
LOOP list
-> MAP : list, accum <- add -> accum

That has the least hassle to get the job done. Good day.

Yemi Bedu