Adding SaaS applications to webMethods Integration Cloud


I am researching webMethods Integration Cloud. We have several on-premises webMethods systems. We are looking into the possibility of moving some of the servers on these systems, which provide services like database management, video transcoding / automatic quality control onto the cloud.

I may have missed something obvious, but is there a way to create new applications in Integration Cloud (via some generic API?), or are we restricted to the predefined set provided by Software AG?



I believe this is definetely a question to your local SAG rep/SAG tech support if the Integration Live can support generic API apart from the out of box provided.

Let’s see if any other experts can advise on this more:

Please keep us posted.


Hi Miles,
A new update of the webMethods Integration Cloud is due today, which provides a feature to create custom applications based on WebServices API exposed by external systems.
You would be able to create an application in the webMethods Integration Cloud from a WSDL URL and invoke these SOAP operations in the Integrations.


Thanks rmg and Bhaskar. The feature to create custom applications will certainly make Integration Cloud a much more interesting prospect for us.