Adding operations at design phase

I am looking into how CentraSite can support out SOA Governance process. This necessitates the storage and retrieval of Services and Capabilities during the high level service design phase.

I am able to create a new Service using the Service asset, but am not able to add operations. I want to be able to add operations before a WSDL is created as these new services may be rejected at the governance board and therefore never make it to implementation.

Specifically - Can I make the operation attribute of Service a list of free text field?
If I can’t what would be the approach to get the Service asset to fit my requirements? Can I extend the Service asset type or would I have to start from scratch?

I have community edition installed, but we may consider purchasing Active SOA so advice against either product would be helpful.


‘Operations’ asset cannot be added as a stand alone entity directly in Centrasite. Operations are always part of the Service (Web Service/WSDL). Centrasite is not a web service design tool. You might need to use XML editors or notepad to add operation in your wsdl, if you are creating WSDL manually. If you are generating WSDL using SoftwareAG designer, you need to add operation to your descriptor and then get the updated WSDL.

In Centrasite you cannot create operation before a service. Operation must be referenced by a service. If you have previously created and imported a service in Centrasite. You can add new operation to the web service and re-import it again, then the new operation object will be added to Centrasite registry.

I am not sure what do you mean by “free text field”. You can always add new operations to existing service (if this is what you mean by extending a service).

Irrespective of whatever SOA governance tool you use, the concept of operation and service is same for web services.

with the ActiveSOA edition, you can extend the meta-model for the Service asset to include custom attributes, including lists of text fields, so you could use that to add a “PlannedOperations” text attribute to the Service asset.

I think that answers my question - I want to define services and operations at the planning stage (pre-WSDL) and in order to do so I will need to extend the Service asset to incorporate my extensions.