Adding doc types to client groups via web client

Hi. I am trying to use the wM web client to add doc types to the “Can Publish” and “Can Subscribe” for the admin client group. For some reason after picking the docs I want to add and pressing submit, I get the following message:

Added no new document types to client group “admin”.

Is there a reason I cannot add new docs to the “Can Publish” and “Can Subscribe” for the admin client group ?
In the “old days” (pre version 6) we used the Enterprise Manager tool to manage client groups. The functionality is now (supposedly) in the Broker web admin client… It is there but does it work properly…that’s my question.

Anyone have any feedback ?



I have just tried to do what you described and I was able to successfully add a document to “Can Publish” and “Can Subscribe” of the admin client group. So I don’t know what the problem might be on your side, patches?

In fact I still keep the old Enterprise Manager tool that I had with Enterprise Server 5.0. I am still using it sometimes to modify ClientGroups on the Broker 6. It works fine, no problems and for me who used to work with the Enterprise Server for long time it is more easy way.

Hi Janusz, Thanks for the response. I’ll keep trying. I may open an service request with webMethods.