Adding comments to a WSDL, how to...

Im trying to figure out how I can get comments into a WSDL.

The WSDL is generated when I create “Provider” Web Service Descriptor from an Existing IS Flow services. The Document Types that are used in the flow service have a ton of comments in them, but nothing shows in the WSDL.

Is there a way to get or add comments to the WSDL?

Im using for both IS and Developer.


Great question!

WM generated WSDL’s (using the web services SOAP processor) do not have a documentation tag in them to put comments. The comments that were included in the doc types and the services will not show up in the generated WSDL (I wish it could).

As always, you can edit the WSDL and put this tag and include the comments (lot of manual work).

Not sure but, you can also write a service to parse the WSDL and include the Documentation tags (the input of the service will be a WSDL URL, The comment to be placed). IMO, this can not be achieved if you want to place multiple comments in different sections of the WSDL.

Guyz, If anyone have other ideas please share!

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As far as I’m aware webMethods Integration Server 9.6 still doesn’t provide this functionality. It would be great if it was supported, that way the documentation would always be in sync with the exposed services.

I understand your point. Not sure about v9.7 but you can raise this feature request on SAG BrainStorm.