Adding an existing field to the list of logged fields

Like most of us, we do have a list of fields in canonical message. Some of the fields are made as logged fields and they show up with appropriate value for each instance in MWS (WebMethods). Now my goal is to make couple of more already existing fields in the canonical message from non-logged mode to logged mode. How do I go about doing this? We did not buy full BPM and we are using process models in analysis mode only and not in execute mode. Any help will be appreciated.

Siva Kuppusamy

I was able to progress on this. This is the current status. I will appreciate it, if you can see the attachment. I added the filed jobqueue. Transaction type was there already. I see a KPI icon for the event map “Inbound Orders by transaction type” which was there since we got the system. I dont know how to place the KPI icon for the event map “Process instance count by jobQueue” that I added. As always, I will appreciate any feedback.

Thanks again

tech_comm_attachment.docx (199 KB)