Adapters Just Stop Processing

I have been having a problem for over 4 months whereas adapters simply “Stop” processing. They look fine - connected - but just aren’t processing.

I have tried to work with webMethods support and we are unable to find out why?

All systems have now been converted to Adapter Manager v4.6 w/SP1.

Has anyone else been having this problem?

we have the same problem with adapters using adapter manager also.

PS: Both AM EAM 4.6 start the adapter monitor prosesses up the same way so in my opnion EAM should not matter.

I am going to be attending the Great Lakes webMethods Users Group in Columbus tomorrow and I plan to bring up this issue…

Anyone else?

Some questions:

  • When the adapters go into this state, is the client associated with them processing documents. That is,

    • Go into Enterprise Manager and click on the client with the same name as the adapter. Look at the properties, Documents tab. Look at the date/time when it last received a doc.
    • Use document tracker to send a doc. The date should change.
  • When the adapter goes into this state, is it all adapters for this process monitor, or just some.

  • If you send documents to an integration associated with an adapter in this state, do the documents queue or do they disappear?

  • Is the adapter sending any documents to adapter::errorNotify?

  • What is the resource that the adapters are using. Could it have gone down and the adapter not realized it?


We are new webMethods users and we have a few simple questions:

  • How much professional service support is needed to get the product fully up and running? We have 12 developers who will be using the system and all of them are experienced programmers. Our initial project involves integrating 30 vendors, all who use either XML or X12. I know this is not a lot of information, although we are just looking for a ballpark estimate based on your experiences.

  • What should we bring to the offsite training classes? Are the classes very structured or will we have opportunities to ask questions pertaining to our organization?

  • How helpful are the onsite training classes? Is it useful to bring webMethods into our organization or will sending two people to offsite training give us enough of a background?

I know these questions are simple, but any comments on how to help us get started would be great.

– Thanks!

Our company was first introduced via a Proof Of Concept. After that, a group of developers basically “Played” with the software to get used to it and advanced pretty well.

Onsite training from a 3rd party consultative organization proved to be the best benefit. WebMethods on-site training is very costly and seems pretty broad.

I suggest compiling a list of questions and/or tasks to have someone come in and show to how to tackle them.

Good luck!