adapters.cfg file corrupted


I’ve got an adapters.cfg file which became corrupted. So my adapters don’t appear in my Adapter Configuration tool window anymore.
The problem seems to be the following :
double cote characters ‘"’ have been replaced by ‘"’ in the adapters.cfg file.
Then I tried to manually repare the file but the problem remains. ‘"’ are still replaced by ‘"’.

Is there any solution?
Do I have to re-define each adapters by hand throught the Adapter Configuration tool? :frowning:
Any idea?


I used to face similar problems with 4.0.2 . What version are you using ?
This is what you can try:
1.Copy & paste each individual adapter information from the config file into a new file, which is to be renamed as adapters.cfg… and restart your system. If it works , keep on adding one adapter information at a time.
2. In the config file, delete the entry for the last adapter . .and then try to run it.

Hope this helps…

The adapter config tool is known to work not too well (at least up to v4.1.1). Under UNIX as well as for Windows you should always keep a manual backup of your config file. In addition, at least on UNIX, never ever should two people run this tool at the same time. Even if you do not change a thing, the config file is still accessed in write mode.

Thanks for you help.
The version of the broker is 4.11

Actually I solved the problem this morning :

  1. Stop the activeworks adapters service
  2. Edit manualy the adapters.cfg file and replace the ‘"’ by ‘"’
  3. Save the file
  4. Restart the activeworks adapters service

Now the question is : why the file became corrupted, and does a patch exist?

We had the same problem which was created by running the ATC adapters on NT. You can go to Configuration and Administration Forum to see what people talked about this subject.


Hello Christian … I have run into this before. Check out the line in the adapter.cfg file that states the path of where you are exporting the logs when running the adapter in debug mode. For example:

property exportDirectory C:\downloads\

Ensure there are no spaces in the path statement. If there are spaces either change the line to not have any spaces in the path statement or rip the line right out. Then fix up all the .

After that restart the adapter service and you should see the adapters re-appear.

Hope this helps …Kev

Another tip, pointed out in previous threads, is to never use \ when specifying paths. Always use /, even on NT–it is supported just fine.

I am not aware of a patch to fix this problem, but it occurs when you have a space in your pathname when exporting debug information to a file. You need to make sure that the directory structure included the filename NEVER includes spaces when working with Adapter Configuration.

Matt Talaga