Adapter working in Debug Mode but not in normal mode

I am trying to launch an executable on a Win2000 system using a custom script, associated with an IO Adapter, that invokes the Runtime.getRunTime() command to start the exe

When I run this in debug mode it works great, in normal mode it does not. I do not have the Enable script security tab checked, and the adapter config tool is configured to use an account that has full permissions. I publish a document that tracks variables in the custom script after the script has executed. The document gets published and all the indications are that it executes the script without issue.
I do not get any adapter errors.

Any help is appreciated. Or if you know of an alternative way to do this I’d appreciate it.

Problem resolved. WM support informed me that the activeworks monitor service needs to have the “allow the service to interact with the desktop” option selected under the System Account. This worked. I am still not sure why it did not work when I had the monitor installed with a full rights user account. But, I reinstalled the config tool as a generic user and set up the service with this option it works.

I am facing the same problem, but mine is a service not an adapter. Where do i can find System Account setting? Is it have to be reinstall the IS?