Adapter with sync notification

I have been working on adapter sync notification and having problem calling the target Flow service. I wrote an adapter that listens on a port, accepts a client TCP/IP connection. When the client sends a msg to the adapter I saw that the connection and the listener got the message, but somehow the target service was not called.

Here are the details:

The listening notification has 2 parameter fields:
inputString - “inString” - WmTemplateDescriptor.INPUT_FIELD_NAMES
outputString - “outString” - WmTemplateDescriptor.OUTPUT_FIELD_NAMES

2 doc types got created:

All make sense. Here are the questions:

  1. If the target flow service is not called, should I see some error somewhere?

  2. If the target flow service is not called, could it be input/output signature not matching, or something else?

  3. In the target flow service, should I specify:

  • input:
    Wait4MsgRequestDocument “docReq”
    Wait4MsgReplyDocument “docResp”

or not to specfy input/output at all?

Note that with async notification you create a trigger and select the doc type you want to handle and never have this problem.

  1. in the adapter’s runNotification(), I am supposed to call:
    // details omitted
    wrReq = WmRecordFactory.getFactory().createWmRecord("[some name]");
    wrResp = invokeService(wrReq);

Now how does the names of wrReq, wrResp and the names of their IData correspond to the input/output names of my listen notify template above?

wrReq " Wait4MsgRequestDocument"

  • IData “docReq”
    – String “outString”

wrReq “docReq”

  • String “outString”

or something else?

Any help is appreciated!