Adapter Run Time ART

Hi gurus!

Have you ever used such architecture?
There are local Broker & IS and remote database. When a JDBC adapter hosts on the local IS performance of adapter notifications working with the remote database is inappropriate 2-4 records in a second. The same adapter notification working with a local database loads about 30 records/ second.

I was recommended to set up Adapter Run Time (ART) near the remote database. As I understood the ART is a truncated version of IS 6.1 (it is because ART is embedded into IS). This ART would host the JDBC adapter and publish documents (containing lists of record I suppose) on our local broker.

Have you ever used such architecture? Is it really good for performance? Is it worth spending money for an additional license for ART?

I believe if you host the IS/ART where the remoteDB is hosted and connect the JDBCAdapter to the DB it will be relatively faster and thne publish documents to remote broker (in a territory)should give some increase performance.