Adapter Output Field won't update


I have an adapter.
One of the adapter outputs is a certain field that in the OutputField Type I set as java.lang.String.

When I go and check the output fields, this field, in particular, behaves differently from the others. Instead of being a string, it’s a string list.

I’ve reloaded values from the adapters and the package. No update.
I’ve created a test adapter using the same SP, and the field is initiated as a normal string.

Is there any way I can update this field?

Best regards.

Hi Andrain,

 Even i have faced similar kind of issue in 9.12 version, This issue resolved when I reloaded the adapter service.


This did not work. It was one of my first attempted solutions.

Weird thing is, in runtime, it is a string, but when I’m developing, it’s a stringList.