Adapter notification Error

Hi Everyone,
when I created an Adapter notification, i meet error " java.lang.Exception: missing required parameter ‘document’ while executing trigger. Rejecting Document for TriggerStore"
I created as flow

  • create adpater notifcation
  • create broker/local trigger to call flow service when received a published document.
    in flow service I call to documentToXMLString. when a replace documentToXMLString by debuglog, the error is resolved. It’s seem the document is null in flow step documentToXMLString
    Can you explain for me why document is null? and help me resolve this error.
    thanks Everyone!

In the subscribing service what is the input you gave fully qualified publishable document name and also make sure you ave savepipeline step is there to interospect whats coming the pipeline and so that accordingly you can map it to downstream step documenttoxmlstring.

It should be either input or map link problem in the subscribing service (from the Trigger)


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Right as you say,when I rename document input in subscribing service (I gave qualified publishable document name), the error is resloved.
Thanks for your help!

Glad it worked out well :smiley: