Adapter Not running after Upgrading to Oracle 817


I have configured Oracle Intelligent Adapters (8i) when I was running Oracle 8.1.6 and it was working properly. When I uninstalled Oracle 8.1.6 and installed 8.1.7, none of my Oracle adapters are coming up. I couldn’t configure a new adapter also. I don’t get error when I Test the adapters.

Any idea?


A few debugging questions because I am not sure what you mean by “not coming up”.

  1. Have you tried running your new adapter in debug mode? Did any errors show in the debug window? []Have you properly updated your ORACLE_HOME path? []Are you redballing even though the “Test” step is successful? Are you greyballed? Did you uninstall your 8.1.6 instance of Oracle? Is it possible that you have notupdated classpath information?

Likely, you will find an Oracle or webMethods error somewhere. If you can find that error message, it will be simpler to identify the problem.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the followup.

When I tried to start the adapter from the command prompt, it works. Meaning, I could publish and subscribe document using the Event Tracker.
It’s working when I start the adapter in the Debug Mode in Adapter Configuration tool.

But, when I tried to start the same process from the Adapter Configuration tool (normal mode), it’s not working.

Have you tried letting the adapter run for a little bit in debug mode? Sometimes a failure doesn’t happen right away. Just a shot in the dark…

Do you have the right JDBC Driver. We need a new one from 8.1.7


You said the adapter is runing in debug mode.

The only difference between running the adapter in debug mode and enabling in the adapter_config tool is later updates the adapters.cfg file.

The user who enables the adapter should have write permission on adapters.cfg file.

Please check the permission on the adapters.cfg file.

Hi Ramesh,

I checked my adapters.cfg file, I have the write permission, it’s not read only.

  1. Make sure you are checking the right adapters.cfg . Please check activeConfig in the adaptermonitor script. You can also do this by trying to execute “beans_adapter abc abc abc” (this is easier way).

  2. Give full permission to the adapters.cfg(chmod 777 adapters.cfg)

  3. Change the enabled flag for the adapter in the adapters.cfg to true(using vi), then stop and start the adaptermonitor process.

If above doesn’t solve the problem, then I would suspect something might have been changed since you installed your adapter.(If you have enabled atleast one adapter). Or you may have to uninstall/reinstall the wM adapter

Hope this helps

Are you running the adapter on windows or unix. Seems like some people are assuming unix (good assumption) but you only talk about read only rights which is the only right windows enforces.


Actually, there is a difference between running in debug mode and regular mode. When you run in debug mode or from the command line, you are running the adapter process as “you” (whomever you logged in as). When you run the adapter in regular mode, the process runs as the user designated by the adapter config tool (bin by default for Unix, System Account default for windows). There is most likely a discrepency between the user environments for the two different modes you are running the adapter in. I recommend that you find which user is regular mode, and set the environment variables appropriate from your current user!



My adapters are now running in the normal mode. Actually the value of Log on account for ‘ActiveWorks Adapters 4.0’ service should be domain name\username. It was pointing to the LocalSystem. After specifying the domain name\my user name, and restarting the servie, all adapters started working in the normal mode.

How do we set the environment variables for current user.