Adapter not appearing in AdapterConfig AdapterTypes

I have installed a Tuxedo adapter onto a Windows 2000 platform using Version 4.1.1 of integrator.

However, when I try and create the adapter, the adapter does not appear in my AdapterTypes within AdapterConfig.

How dows AdapterConfig determine adapters which can be created? What could I have missed from the instalation?


The adapters which have a .cfg file under /etc/adapters are loaded into the adapter config tool. Maybe you can check that.

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Try “Show Installed Adapters” from the “File” menu. There might just be an error message for your Tuxedo adapter that explains why it isn’t shown.

Open your Adapter Configuration tool. Under File menu, select ‘Show Installed Adapters’. Check for your adapter name. Under the Notes column, you can see why it is faling . For example, you many not have the right class file in right directory.