Adapter Introspection problem


I have written an adapter and trying to install… I’m using custom shared library in my operation… so I have imported the shared libraries in my operation itself…

I have set the CLASSPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH also…

But the adapter shows with red ball, if I see in the config tool’s installed adapters list option.

Can somebody suggest on this… it’s urgent


I have not written a custom adapter but do you have an entry for yours in the :\wment41\etc\adapters folder? You need to have a file in there named .cfg

Look at the other .cfg files for the syntax needed. A good one to use is this one, jdbc_adapter.cfg.

HTH, Tom

I have used the configuration file (.cfg)…
It is basically not locating the shared library (jdom.jar) that am using in one of my operation template.

I think you need to add any additional jars files in a classpath statement in the .cfg such as the one below?

beans_adapter CLASSPATH=lib/jdom.jar

Make sure the jars are in /wment41/lib too

If that doesn’t work, you may need to call WM tech support.

HTH, Tom