Adapter failover

Is it possible to have adapter failover using wM Enterprise? What about load balancing? If so, is it documented anywhere? I’m getting conflicting information in this.

I’ve had two consultants tell me it’s possible and one webMethods consultant say it’s not supported. Here’s the text from one of the consultants:

“For load balancing and failover, you create adapters on multiple machines with the exact same name and same client group connecting to the same
broker. The adapters share the client queue on the broker. Events are retrieved from the queue by all the brokers on a first-come, first-serve
basis. Each event is processed by only one adapter. The webMethods docs claim a round robin approach to dispatch but I’ve seen otherwise (one
adapter tended to dominate, judging from log entries). This seems to make sense since the adapters pull events from the broker, they aren’t pushed”.

It is definitely possible since I tested it.
It is as you have been told. Create adapters on different machines with the exact same name and client group on the same broker.
To allow true load-balancing and round-robin, change “eventSharedOrdering” to NONE. This way, many events are processed at the same time but ordering is lost.
I think that in many situation where performance and load-balancing is needed, ordering is not a requirement.
If ordering is important, there are other tricky solutions…

Thanks for the information. Is this an “undocumented feature”? I’ve been searching through various wM Enterprise manuals and can’t find anything related to this subject or “eventSharedOrdering”.


Nevermind, when searching for “Ordering” I found what I was looking for.