Adapter development kit in 601

Hi ,
I am trying to develop a custom adapter using wmtutorialadapter in wm601.
but I get compilation error saying package not found.
I wanted to know is there any package by name wmADK or just we have only a jar file (if jar, the name of file.)

I really appreciate any help on this topic.

Look in IntegrationServer\packages\WmART\code\jars\wmart.jar under your webMethods installation directory. This is very poorly documented - I had to just randomly open JAR files until I found the right one.

Thanks a lot Skip

Hi Skip,
When I try to register my custom adapter, it gives a runtime error saying No input for the Adapter type. The service which fails is the registerAdapterType in the WMART packages.
I am missing some thing ?
Also I cut pasted the registeradapter code of wmTutorial for registering adapter for the wmTutorialAdapter package .For even this, I get runtime error "Undefined adapter type object.

I would appreciate ur help in thid topic

Your registerAdapter method needs to reference the custom adapter class that you’ve created, and that class needs to be in the classes directory for your package. For example, I created a adapter class called TestAdapter, and placed it in the packages\Test\code\classes directory. My registerAdapter method then references the TestAdapter class. I also copied from the TutorialAdapter’s registerAdapter method - you just need to reference your class instead of TutorialAdapter.

I kept the wmART.jar file under the jars directory for compiling purpose.Because of this I got the error.
Once I removed the jar file after compilation, I didn’t get the runtime adapter error.