Adapter defaults to Null


This is regarding the Enterprise Server Broker(5.01) running on Solaris box.

In our Oracle DB Adapter Integration Component,there is a getContactNumber(Select One Record) operation step that fetches Maximum Contact Number from the Database.

The output of the step is mapped to a custom step that increments the Contact Number from the getContactNumber operation by 1.

This final contact number is passed on to the InsertContactDetails(Insert) operation step where it is inserted in the database.

Now the problem we are facing is that the expected contact number comes till the InsertContactDetails operation step,but it doesn’t appear in the input step of the InsertContactDetails operation when we run the adapter in debug mode.

We also tried printing the customer number exactly inside the InsertContactDetails operation by editing the script.

It does print the expected contact number,but still the adapter assigns a null value for this contact number.

Can anyone out there help me out in resolving this problem at the earliest.

Or is there any other alternate solution available to insert the maximum contact number into the database?

Thanks in advance,