Adapter creation access denied error

I receive the following error message when I try to create a JDBC connection to my AS400 in the Adapter Manager 4.6. access denied

I’ve created several other JDBC AS400 connection to several other AS400s without any problems. I am able to ping my AS400 and the userid/password that are being used are valid. I have created the same adapter setup on my Development WebMethods server without any problems but am unable to create the connection on my Test WebMethods Server.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


I’ve enclosed the adapter output:

7:16:44 AM (902) Check client group “dbAdapter”.
7:16:44 AM (924) Create AdapterConfig document type.
7:16:44 AM (921) Check client group permissions.
7:16:44 AM (903) Create client “AS400S”.
7:16:44 AM (904) Start adapter process in test mode.
7:16:46 AM access denied ( as400s resolve)
7:16:46 AM (195) Process exited with code 1.

I’ve tried setting this connection up on another webMethods environment without any problems.


In your adapter configuration tool, try to diseable the ‘Enable Script Security’ checkbox.

Thanks! that did the trick. I’ll have to read up as to why.

Thanks again!