adapter configuration lost configuration

when adapter configuration, some time it’ll lost the configuration of my adapter, so I have to reconfig the adapter, who knowes how to solve the problem.

My Enterprise Version is 5, and the adapter is oracle adapter.

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I once had this prob. Support said, if 2 sessions of adapter config tool are open simultaneously and chgs are done in both then the adapter.cfg file sometime gets corrupt.
If you have not restarted your adapter monitor service already, most probably your adapter.cfg file must be intact. If windows, then open winnt\activesw\adapters\adapter.cfg file in notepad. If you can see all your adapters in that file, then send the file to the support. They will repair the file for you.


i also faced the same problem .if u stop ur adapter service and restart then all adapter dissappear and

For ES 4.1.1, we experience this. When an adapter is running in debug model and the message is exported to a PC folder that has one or more spaces in the path, the adapters.cfg file will be corrupted. This may be the same in your case. You can check the adapters.cfg file from c:\winnt\activesw\adapters40

When you configure your adapters, it is better to make a back-up file. When it is corrupted, you can copy the file back and don’t need to reconfigure the adapters.

Hope this will help you.

thank you for your help.

my situation is Windows 2000, and some times I export the debug info into a folder with space, and some times I opened two adapter configuration. so that’s the reason. now, I just change to use the trace instead of debug mode.

Thank you again.

There are 2 solutions for adapter corruption;

  1. Start using the Enterprise Adapter Manager instead of adapter_config. The Enterprise Adapter Manager will lock an adapter’s configuration while you are working on it, so that others cannot make changes. In my opinion, Enterprise Adapter Manager is the only way to go. webMethods really got it right this time.

  2. If you cannot upgrade to Enterprise Adapter Manager, you must write your own utility to “lock” the adapter configuration. The “lock” prevents others from using the adapter_config program while you are making your changes. I wrote a Perl program to do the locking, and it took care of our corruption problems.

The program I wrote will run on Win-2000 or UNIX. If you would like a copy of the source-code, please send me a private email, and I will mail it to you.

Mark Bews
Consultant - Greenbrier & Russel
Rockwell Automation

Also, in Windows, don’t use the backslash character () within the adapter config screens. Always use the regular, forward-facing slash (/) instead.

Hi to all,

what you have to do :
stop the Adapters service.
Open the C:\WINNT\activesw\adapters40\adapters.cfg file (notepad).
Find and replace \" by "
In fact the file is corrupted and wM added some \ everywhere. But as it is really used in the path for example, you have to search and replace for the whole chain \"
Easy and quick, wM, always a surprise…

Sylvain -