Adapter Configuration Error: (B2B Server Package)

I am trying to invoke a service on Developer through EAI. I have created a adpater for B2B Server Package but during adpater start up i am getting the following error:

Could not restart WebMethods Enterprise Adapters.

no Configuration for adapter Process “B2BServerPackage”
on broker “testBroker@server1”

When i run the adapter on debug mode i could see the following error.

12:15:02 PM Note: could not read list of integration
component names from broker. This can happen if no
integrations have been created for this adapter yet.

12:15:02 PM Unknown Infoset (227-1500): There is no infoset named ‘Tracking’ defined on document type ‘AdapterConfig::B2BServerPackage’ in the broker.

12:16:25 PM [Debug] 0 test

Has anyone meet with a similar error. Would appreciate if someone could help me on this.