Adapter config won't run after install - log out -

I installed the adapters on a window 2000 machine. The user id that I logged in and installed with is an ADMINISTRATOR of the box. Adapter config runs fine. I logged out and logged back in and when I try and run the adapter config I get a dialog that states:

The directory “C:\Documents and Settings\myuser\WINDOWS\activesw\adapters40” does not exist.

Make sure you are running this program under an account with Administrator privleges.

I know for a fact that the user is an administrator. Also installed into the default location, c:\wment41. I’ve determined that the “C:\Documents and Settings\myuser” portion of the path specified is controlled by the user profile and I can change this, however, I can’t figure out where the WINDOWS part of the directory is coming.

I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

Hi anthony,
I have an answer to your puzzle. the activesw\adapters40 folder is normally created under system root. So check whether system root is set in your system path. and reinstall.
Hari Nagumalla,
Miracle Software systems Inc.